Plastic Projectile

Subduing the sharp ringing jabs from rough New York Streets are the plastic aspects of carbon fiber frame tubes, plus the carbon fiber fork crown and steerer tube. It’s old school like a fishing pole. Then there is the light action of the nearly weightless Rock Shox SID air fork, tuned the opposite of off-road [more…]

Bad Ass Hybrid

Never thought there could be such a thing as a Bad Ass Hybrid. Here is a light aluminum big tube frame 2003 Gary Fisher Utopia, renovated. Finish: raw aluminum with clear coat. The Rock Shox on the front make street riding faster, easier, and more controllable. The wide range 27 speed drivetrain, Shimano Deore LX, [more…]


We want to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and rashness. The essential elements of our poetry will be courage, audacity and revolt. We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed.   As riders of the street, We are risking our [more…]


Of course, pedestrians have the fundamental right of way; peds always get the go. Even when they are doing it all wrong, bicyclers naturally try to avoid hitting them. Pedestrians DO have a responsibility to keep all traffic flows unimpeded; but really, they could be walking around tripping on mushrooms, and should remain unmolested.   [more…]


Natural law rewards the taken risks with more liberty. The urban rider must often travel an unusual route to best maximize momentum, time, safety, and even comfort. Because of the natural small weight and size of a bike, the rider has the freedom to squeeze in a tight place, to go on the sidewalk, or [more…]

What I Have Learned About Pedals 1

I understand that clipless pedals are the best way to hold a foot. However, when I get on a bike, I am usually going somewhere. Being in public wearing sillyass, hard to walk in, or outrageously colored bike shoes is not worth it. Even before I raced mountain bikes, I was a fan of toe [more…]

What I Have Learned About Pedals 2

Experimenting with various designs, I discovered bmx platform pedals. The best off-the-shelf pedal design for street riding is this platform type – bmx or downhill, with long aluminum body and steel pins. You will need to find the lightweight models; many are overbuilt. The designs with a shorter axle are one step toward lighter weight, [more…]

Weather Choice

The Bicycle says: Cold and windy, light rain; this is not so good for riding.

The Equality of Human Powered Wheeled Vehicles

Bicycles are powered by their humans. Many other wheeled vehicles are also powered by their people. Similarly sized machines, wheelchairs are driven by their person as are baby strollers. Bicycles should be given the same tolerance as the other human powered wheeled vehicles A stroller on a train and a bicycle on a train should [more…]


Delivery guys running around on motorized bicycles thinking they can get away with bicycle riding.   One of the fundamentals of the bicycle is that it is powered only by its rider. The payload  energizes the mechanism.   A bicycle with an engine is a dangerous motor vehicle. It is heavier than a human and [more…]

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