Bicycles are powered by their humans. Many other wheeled vehicles are also powered by their people. Similarly sized machines, wheelchairs are driven by their person as are baby strollers.

Bicycles should be given the same tolerance as the other human powered wheeled vehicles

A stroller on a train and a bicycle on a train should have equal status. Their sizes are similar. Yes, both cause a nuisance, but at least they don’t have motors.

If someone can bring a wheelchair into a store, then a well-mannered bicycle can go into the store also. Of course it is not allowed to knock over a tower of canned food with a bicycle, nor a wheelchair. They are similar sized machined. Yes they both take up space, but at least they don’t have motors.

I hear you want to whine,” but the mother needs the stroller”. Well, the rider needs her bike also. She will be stranded without it. If the vehicle she used to get to the store is left outside and removed, how will she get home? You don’t expect to make the mother park her equipment outside for the sake of space in the store.

Or are you under the impression that bikes in the store threaten your safety? Like I said before, you aren’t allowed to knock over another customer or a display with a wheelchair or a bicycle.

People seem to apply a range of underrealistic emotions onto machines. Too many of them negative. A bicycle is merely a medium-sized non-motorized wheeled machine. It should be able to be carried nearly anywhere a person wants to go

Wheelchair Toleration photo

Wheelchair Toleration

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