Check out this great old Giant Cadex 3 frame.  The tubes have a variety of weave patterns. Detailed engineering for a new path; carbon fiber was very new and exotic.

Fiber Optic Bicycle with carbon, street tough by bMHR

Fiber Optic Bicycle with carbon, street tough by bMHR

Then I sought and found a Specialized Future Shock FSX carbon fiber fork. This one is from 1994 with titanium hardware. It is a great piece of machinery for urban cycling, lightweight, super adjustable air spring, with oil damping.

That fork came in the original box with manual and modding kit and that excellent Control Tech super light and strong stem, with cool American flag.

The drivetrain is the advanced 7 speed of the day, with new under-the-bar thumb shifters, Deore DX. A triple on the front and it has a pretty tall 46 tooth high gear, better than today’s 42T.

Street Bicycle  --  Giant Cadex 3  --  fast by bMHR

Street Bicycle -- Giant Cadex 3 with FSX fork -- fast by bMHR

The bicycle runs on a great set of street wheels made with bMHR. Deore hubs, double butted spokes, swaged, aluminum nipples, Sun rims, and Ritchey Tom Slick tires. Rear has wide Rhyno Lite rim and 1.4 tire, front is narrow Equalizer rim with 1.0 tire.

Enhancing the streetability ™, are the super grippy VP platform pedals, and the Delta locking wheel skewers.

The super cornering and accentuated acceleration offered by the wheels can be well taken advantage of by the tight frame geometry and light weight detail. The bicycle handles crisply with quick response and confidence stoking traction and control. The light front fork allows the tight bike to fly thorough the inevitable rough spots on the city streets.


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  1. Whoa, rock out! Pavement pounder.

  2. Hello,
    From where can I get on a bike like her and how much the price
    It’s a beautiful bike a distinctive shape I liked and I want one like the acquisition Is there a buy online or from a specific country
    Please explain, thank you.

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