Never thought there could be such a thing as a Bad Ass Hybrid.

Here is a light aluminum big tube frame 2003 Gary Fisher Utopia, renovated. Finish: raw aluminum with clear coat. The Rock Shox on the front make street riding faster, easier, and more controllable.

The wide range 27 speed drivetrain, Shimano Deore LX, cruises up the bridges and flies back down. The long wheelbase and strong brakes make this bike extremely stable at very high speed.

The gold shot peened aluminum riser handlebars rock. Weird color; so I balanced that with a gold chainstay protector.

Pretty standard Alex rim / Formula hub wheels, though cool radial spoking. 700×35 rear tire is good for rough urban streets. Because of the front suspension, I can run a lighter 700×23  in front.

This is a great high performance durable fast street bike, which is sly and impressive at the same time. You like.

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  1. "Alone in the Wilderness" is on yet again

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