Inspection discovery view of air pressure seal in FSX forks

The sleek carbon fiber and titanium, non worn out, Specialized Future Shock FSX Rock Shox suspension fork was not holding air in one side. I liked this damn thing, it’s perfect for street riding; light, compact, and short travel. I went to start a tear down and investigate what could be the problem. Of course, [more…]


Users of the category of vehicle, wheeled nonmotorized, operate differently from pedestrians. They also do not act like motorized vehicles. And considering the risk of damage or injury from a mishap, the tolerance should be wide.

NYC Oppresses Bicyclists

Not only do we have the standard life-threatening ordeals on every ride, now we must also look out for the predator. The past couple of years have felt like police were unnecessarily heavily targeting bikers. It turns out to be true. The figures are in and we can see that NYC police have issued three [more…]


Paris France, rhymes with pants, in a move designed to reduce accidents, allows bicyclist to go through red lights when clear. Pretty smart. This is what we do already, the man should not fight it.


A pleasantly rational analysis of motor vehicle versus bicycle legalities, safety, and function. BIKES ARE NOT CARS. GOOD REASONS FOR RUNNING RED LIGHTS: First, let me define “Running” a red light in cyclist terms: Roll up to a red light and be prepared to stop at it. Start looking for pedestrians who might cross in [more…]

Weather Choice

The Bicycle says: Cold and windy, light rain; this is not so good for riding.

The Equality of Human Powered Wheeled Vehicles

Bicycles are powered by their humans. Many other wheeled vehicles are also powered by their people. Similarly sized machines, wheelchairs are driven by their person as are baby strollers. Bicycles should be given the same tolerance as the other human powered wheeled vehicles A stroller on a train and a bicycle on a train should [more…]


Delivery guys running around on motorized bicycles thinking they can get away with bicycle riding.   One of the fundamentals of the bicycle is that it is powered only by its rider. The payload  energizes the mechanism.   A bicycle with an engine is a dangerous motor vehicle. It is heavier than a human and [more…]

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