How To Maintain Your Internal Geared Hub, Nexus 7 IGH

When at speed, then re-accelerating, certain numbered gears would slip. Fearing damage, I got to researching right away. I read that the pawls could stick if slightly wrong grease was used during a rebuild. Trying to avoid a rebuild, like the 3 times I changed the tire without removing the wheel (you know why), I [more…]

How Heavy is the Roller Brake on Your Internal Geared Hub, Nexus 7 IGH

The roller brake on an internal geared 7 speed Shimano Nexus IGH hub is heavy. Works pretty good though.     Does require some maintenance, the outside nut had become uncomfortably loose.   Over its life the brake had heated so much that it caused damage to the nearby graphics and cooked the grease inside [more…]

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