I am still amazed; every time I get on a bike my hair stands up, I can’t believe how fast I can go on this damn thing.

I like to get my friends to ride. I want people to experience this thrill that I, by now, require.

I like to make bikes for street riding. For highest possible speed and control in chaotic urban traffic on rough big city streets. These bikes are not for  long distance, or even commuting.  They are not good for doing stunts. They won’t fit into a peloton. But when urban riding in the big city, you can ride my bikes faster than cars.

And to not be all hardcore all the time, I do have some humor, have built some cool novelty bikes, and do poke fun at some subjects.

Why am I nuts about the bicycle anyway?!

It’s something the Wright brothers knew. Something Einstein understood while riding his bike. There is something more.


Einstein experiences inspiration and joy riding a bicycle

Taking advantage of momentum, leaning on the rotational forces, using gravity, experiencing velocity. Not sure why I am entranced by the bicycle, could be the human power, the physical excitement, the interchangeability of components, or because it is an exploration tool.

While the digital world is justifiably getting all the attention these days, there still are plenty of discoveries and advancements to be made in the physical world.

Plus, I think there is more to the bicycle than we realize. I keep thinking of the history of how the wheel was never invented in the New World. People in the Americas were as advanced as the rest of the globe in architecture, more advanced in astronomy, nearly equal in writing, math, division of labor, etc. But they still moved heavy things around on sticks dragged on the ground.

There was however, in the biggest Aztec city, the advanced cultural center, a child’s toy that had wheels. The concept was not noticed, or maybe disregarded, by the accepted inventors and engineers of the day.

A world without the use of the wheel; it was right in front of them and they didn’t even know.

I keep wondering what may be right in front of us now, that we don’t even know.



Thank you for your interest,

Brian Miller

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