Plastic Projectile

Subduing the sharp ringing jabs from rough New York Streets are the plastic aspects of carbon fiber frame tubes, plus the carbon fiber fork crown and steerer tube. It’s old school like a fishing pole. Then there is the light action of the nearly weightless Rock Shox SID air fork, tuned the opposite of off-road [more…]

What I Have Learned About Pedals 1

I understand that clipless pedals are the best way to hold a foot. However, when I get on a bike, I am usually going somewhere. Being in public wearing sillyass, hard to walk in, or outrageously colored bike shoes is not worth it. Even before I raced mountain bikes, I was a fan of toe [more…]

The Equality of Human Powered Wheeled Vehicles

Bicycles are powered by their humans. Many other wheeled vehicles are also powered by their people. Similarly sized machines, wheelchairs are driven by their person as are baby strollers. Bicycles should be given the same tolerance as the other human powered wheeled vehicles A stroller on a train and a bicycle on a train should [more…]


Delivery guys running around on motorized bicycles thinking they can get away with bicycle riding.   One of the fundamentals of the bicycle is that it is powered only by its rider. The payload  energizes the mechanism.   A bicycle with an engine is a dangerous motor vehicle. It is heavier than a human and [more…]

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