Ah yes, another proper journalist says that Bikes are not Cars.

New York Times opinion piece detailing riding freely that goes outside of motor vehicle laws, and how the rider balances that with Kant philosophy. With a fundamental realization that bicycles are not cars and should not be regulated so. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/05/opinion/sunday/if-kant-were-a-new-york-cyclist.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

How to make your own High Performance Street Machine

  This project is to get a bicycle for riding the city streets. This will be a bicycle optimized for big city, not-always-even pavement, super quick lateral maneuvers, maximum acceleration, and emergency braking. This bike will not handle well off-road, it won’t squeeze into a peloton, it is not very good for doing tricks, but [more…]

Advanced performance enhancement: How to make your own High Performance Street Machine

Advanced performance enhancement: Pedals – Get BMX or downhill platform pedals with steel spikes. The lighter the better. These are excellent performance improvers. Street Drive   Chainrings – The smaller diameter tires and higher speeds of street riding require bigger chainrings. New compact road cranks have the 110mm bolt circle, same as many mountain bikes. [more…]

I crashed again today

Beautiful clear crisp day. So I crashed again. It happens from time to time. Luckily i am able to learn from these nonfatal incidents.   Taking a normal sweep around the wide traffic circle at the bottom of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, I move to enter the entrance.   I need to swerve because of a [more…]

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Earlier List of Bicycle Hot Rods

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