Advanced performance enhancement:

Pedals – Get BMX or downhill platform pedals with steel spikes. The lighter the better. These are excellent performance improvers.

Street Drive


Chainrings – The smaller diameter tires and higher speeds of street riding require bigger chainrings. New compact road cranks have the 110mm bolt circle, same as many mountain bikes. You could put on a new 50 tooth 10 speed ring and be set. Or get 130mm b.c. cranks and a 52 t ring. If you have old 94mm bolt circle cranks, you can scrounge bigger rings but they are rare.

Light fork – Spend the cash and upgrade to that air fork. Mistune like I recommend.

New brake pads – technology has advanced. And I can’t emphasize enough, you can’t go fast if you can’t stop.

Light saddle – lighten that top end.

Improved wheels – Light rims, Fewer spokes.

Road cassette – Tighten up, lighter weight. Most important to have the smallest small cog available (11 tooth).

Advanced theft resistance.

Riser handlebars – better than old flat. Lowers the center of gravity while raising visibility.



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