When at speed, then re-accelerating, certain numbered gears would slip. Fearing damage, I got to researching right away.

Removing the roller brake from the Nexus 7 hub

I read conflicting reports of which side of the hub to open, so I chose the easiest side of the axle.

I read that the pawls could stick if slightly wrong grease was used during a rebuild. Trying to avoid a rebuild, like the 3 times I changed the tire without removing the wheel (you know why), I keep looking. I read Sheldon Brown that you could open one axle cone and regrease. Combining limited info and available supplies, I get my 20W50 racing motorcycle oil and open the axle cone.

Nexus 7 internal gear hub bearings view shimano

Fondling the bearings of the internally geared Shimano Nexus 7 hub

Using a take-out food container under the hub to collect burned oil. I filled the hub opening several times before it was satisfied. I spun the gears by hand, working the oil thru. I let it rest on its side overnight. The black oil that came out was much less than I put in.

Easy side of the internal gear hub Nexus 7 speed, showing opening in hub where bearing cone used to be - a good place to put in fresh oil.

Easy side of the internal gear hub Nexus 7 speed, showing opening in hub where bearing cone used to be - a good place to put in fresh oil.

With the bike later upright, a few drips did come out of the hub for the next 2 days. Dripped on the rim, god dammit. Easy to clean tho. But then, it became dry, no more oil came out. It had absorbed most of it.

Now it runs perfectly. Solid, predictable shifts; now I stomp and go .

  2 Responses to “How To Maintain Your Internal Geared Hub, Nexus 7 IGH”

  1. On the Shifter side of your hub behind the cassette joint is there a plastic seal like an O ring that sits around the axle? I know the Nexus 8 speed has this along with a large plastic black Dust Shield with an aluminum dust shield cover. Just wondering if I am missing some parts with my 7 speed. For maintenance I would suggest taking your axle assembly out of the hub shell (it is not difficult to do) soaking in a mild solvent like varsol. Drain, clean & let dry overnight. Then soak in automatic transmission fluid, drain off excess, grease gears & bearings, re-assemble being sure to set your end play correctly with the axle nuts. Runs like a dream! Oh & curse like hell when replacing the cog snap ring! :)

  2. Hey Glen, I can’t say exactly about the O ring you ask of.
    Good method to use solvent.
    Yeah, with maintenance these things run well!

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