A pleasantly rational analysis of motor vehicle versus bicycle legalities, safety, and function. BIKES ARE NOT CARS.


First, let me define “Running” a red light in cyclist terms: Roll up to a red light and be prepared to stop at it. Start looking for pedestrians who might cross in your path. Then look carefully both ways, then again, for crossing traffic. Keep in mind that a bus in the near lane could be hiding a sports car in the far lane that is moving very fast. If there is no cross traffic, and it is to your advantage to proceed on a red light (sometimes it just makes more sense to wait for a green even if the coast is clear), carefully, looking for traffic at all times, proceed.


If done properly, running a light that just turned red will often allow me to bike on an open, car-free roadway which is always safer than allowing cars to pass. I have the entire roadway – sometimes three lanes – on which I can choose the smoothest, safest line. I use a helmet mounted rear-view mirror to look for traffic over my shoulder. My goal here is to sprint ahead of the traffic rotting at the light I just blew through, and beat them to the next signal where I will “lather-rinse-repeat” the same sequence of events from light to light. I call this technique – “Riding the Gaps”


and more….


This is from New Orleans, where streets are flat, not very hectic, but driven by out-of-towners, drunks, and the illiterate.

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