Grocery Getterbicycle loaded

Excellent variety of grocery stores around here. However, they are all a little too far to walk. So I built a grocery getter.

The first bike turned out to be too flexible under load. I upgraded to a stronger framed Rockhopper.

Grocery Getter build

Grocery Getter build

The folding rear baskets allow me to get the bike into the overcrowded bike room in my building. The quickly removable front basket allows me to ride fast, almost like a hot street bike.  The bungee net from my motorcycle allows me to carry way too much. The chain to the saddle and the q/r on the seatpost allow my girl to easily drop the seat and do her errands. The security skewers make it easy to lock up. The slick tires allow greater traction and lower resistance. The spikey Wellgo MG-1 pedals turn out to be really useful when all concentration is on balancing a dangerous load. The front shock is of course critical for carrying weight. And that unusual basket mount design is the only one to work on suspension.

Grocery Getterbicycle loaded

Grocery Getter loaded

Now check out that front end stabilizer I invented. It holds that loaded front basket still, allows graceful parking and more. Patent pending, go ahead and build one for yourself; don’t profit from my invention.

Grocery Getter bicycle profile

Grocery Getter profile

This is one of my favorite bikes. Of course incredibly useful for its intent, carrying huge boxes, lots and lots of weight, even lumber. And it’s versatility is extended by setting it up for two different sized riders. And then with the front basket off, it will ride fast and handle pretty damn well.

Grocery getter bicycle drivetrain

Grocery Getter drive

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