Experimenting with various designs, I discovered bmx platform pedals. The best off-the-shelf pedal design for street riding is this platform type – bmx or downhill, with long aluminum body and steel pins. You will need to find the lightweight models; many are overbuilt. The designs with a shorter axle are one step toward lighter weight, as are headless allen screws for spikes.

And personally, I like to use pedal reflectors; platform pedals usually have mounts.


Pedal with spikes photo

Pedal with Spikes

With those steel pins, I can easily power thru 75% of my stroke; surprisingly secure grip. Even while stopped with one foot down, I can pull my crank up to set my power foot high.

Bicycle commuter Michael Riesman, the conductor of the Philip Glass Orchestra, told me that these pedals made him pedal harder. I had sold him one of my carbon fiber hot rod bikes.

When the reality of big city stop and go, put your foot down, crazy pedestrian dodging traffic is the chosen route, a street rider is often taking a foot off the pedal. Putting it back on is instantaneous with this pedal design. No choosing top or bottom, no orientaion decision. Stomp and go.

Platform pedals are unfortunately sometimes heavy, right where I don’t want weight, but even then the advantage of instant ignition supercedes.

Plus being able to wear my sexy shoes to a hot party, chuck taylors, boots, or even flip flops is a real performance advantage.

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