We want to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and rashness.

The essential elements of our poetry will be courage, audacity and revolt.

We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed.


As riders of the street, We are risking our lives for the benefit of the others. Street bicyclists risk physical injury for the good of all people who use the street by reducing the amount of hazardous moving machinery; reducing the amount of polluting pulverizing vehicle to the minimum.


Because of the high risk of not carrying a gigantic metal and glass covering, street bikers earn certain rewards. We exercise these rewards when it is the best time to do so.


We earn the reward of legal and societal tolerance. We earn the flexibility of route. We earn the freedom from wasteful licensing and mandatory insurance. We earn the freedom we exercise.


Street bike riders automatically obey the natural rules of the road. We follow these guidelines predictably. Just watch.


We will try to ride the most efficient path to conserve momentum, automatically.


We will ride anywhere accessible by wheels. We will ride anywhere a grocery cart, wheelchair, hand truck, or baby stroller goes.


We will seek the best pavement, the widest streets, and the more scenic route.


We will demand our right of way.


We are going somewhere with this bike.

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