A Short Biography

copyright Brian Miller

This designer, grown in rural Michigan, naturally disassembled his first bike. He went on to modify all the neighbor’s bikes. Which lead to building and racing high performance BMX bikes. Incidentally, Brian Miller also independently invented the mountain bike, by combining BMX parts and a Schwinn Collegiate. Alright, enough of that. After stashing the racing trophies, Brian went on to university and to work in a bike shop in Kalamazoo achieving professional mechanic rank.

By simply living in Michigan, one acquires a knowledge and interest in all subjects automotive. Brian studied design history, auto mechanics and engineering in school and naturally pursued all manner of auto performance modification and hot-rod customization. This knowledge of history, engineering, and performance modification strongly influences his bicycle endeavors.

Then a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design caused a detailed knowledge and interest in ergonomics, manufacturing, and materials. Meanwhile Brian became a mechanic at Denny’s Schwinns around Lansing, MI. He raced mountain bikes with them also; they usually trained near Hell, MI. Then after moving to the big city of Chicago, Brian studied all the available literature and taught himself how to ride the streets. Taking a break from the industrial design work, he becomes a mechanic at Lincoln Park’s Cycle Smithy. Having a few non-fatal collisions with the wayward auto, he hones his riding techniques.

Then a burst of travel. In an effort to learn more, Brian travels to many regions earning a living with architectural design. By shipping a bike ahead or acquiring one locally, a rider can find a map and really get inside; exploring culture, terrain, and the speed of traffic patterns. In addition to tearing up Chicago, Brian has ridden San Francisco, New Orleans, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Boulder, Copenhagen Denmark, and Valencia Spain. He practiced extreme speed on several paved downhill runs in the Rocky Mountains.

While in Chicago Brian designed a built a short run of the Street Experiment bicycles; configured for drag racing and street riding. Sold at bike shops, they received some magazine and newspaper coverage.

He has continued to build unique bikes for sale and for friends. Compelled to keep building bicycles, Brian currently lives and works in Manhattan, riding the streets every day.